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The backbone of the electrical distribution business is commercial contractors.  Commercial contractors need quality electrical products on time and within budget, and Inline Electric knows the business well. There are specific tools that commercial building managers need - the right wires, fittings or switches - to make repairs. Whatever your electrical needs, Inline Electric is the right partner for you. At Inline we can provide you with the electrical materials needed for schools, offices, shopping malls, faith organizations, theaters, stadiums and more. 
   From small electrical components to electrical distribution equipment and lighting products, Inline has the products that fit your needs. We pride ourselves on the wide variety of products from the leading manufacturers, with a dependable track record, so that you know the job will be done right the first time. We can add value to your facility or project, regardless of size or scope.
   Our salespeople are always on the lookout for the tools and equipment that can help our customers do their job more safely and efficiently. We work with commercial contractors across Alabama, and multiple locations we can help your company no matter where you're working. Our salespeople also have experience working with customers across the country and around the world. Let us help on your next project.