Inline has the experience to help you succeed!

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Inline Electric Supply Company started with a group of consumate professionals, and has strived to be the most knowledgeable supply house in Alabama. That's why, among our nearly 200 employees, we have hired men and women from every area of industry. Inline is the only electrical distributor in the state who employee lighting certified professionals, that can help you make the most of your space, crafting a visual that works for you. A well designed lighting system can also reduce energy consumption, maintenance, and potential liability costs.

  Inline also employs a number of former professional electricians, who know the needs of the industry and are working hard to supply our electrical customers with exactly what they need for the job. They bring insight into the hardships and frustrations that occur while doing electrical work, which helps them find the tools to overcome those obstacles, and get them into the hands of customers. 

  Some of Inline's employees also come from an Industrial background, and are armed with the knowledge of the unique challenges that industry faces. Our salespeople are always looking for the next big product that will help our customers do their job the best they can. Come talk to any of our experienced professionals before your next project!