See How an Energy Consultation can help you

See How an Energy Consultation can help you

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 Many of Inline's salespeople are lighting certified and understand the best way to illuminate your workspace for the health and productivity of employees, as well as your bottom line.

  • Customer Focused

Our priority in any consultation is to listen to your needs. The end goal of each project is to maximize financial results, maintain and improve visual appeal, minimize ongoing maintenance requirements, and move towards a greener solution.

Expert Advice

  • We are committed to making your project, no matter how large, as simple as possible. From the newest technologies to warranties to building goals, your unique project will be like no other, and we want to insure that your visions become reality.

Proven Results

  • With decades of experience amongst our design teams in lighting and power renovations, our goal is to insure the success of your project despite whatever limitations may be faced, and insure it is singularly your own. We have the experience, the creative ideas, and the tools to achieve the results you need.

Customer Focus. Employee Owned.