The labor saving Simpull Reel

The Southwire Simpull Reel saves on labor, which saves you money.

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You wouldn't expect the wire industry to be the place where innovation happens, but Southwire has been making it happen with its Simpull Solutions program. One of that programs' biggest innovations is the Simpull Reel. The Simpull Reel helps electricians move their wire safely and efficiently to the jobsite, and right up to the spot of the pull. Because multiple runs of wire can be loaded onto each reel, it is also space-saving. Up to 15 reels of wire can be loaded onto one Simpull Reel, that's up to 6000 lbs of wire, that can be moved around by just one person! Inline has partnered with Southwire to bring Simpull Solutions to our customers, and the product speaks for itself. Our customers and employees are pretty excited about it! Watch the video below to see Eldeco's experience.

If you're interested in using the Simpull Reel on your next job, contact your local salesman or click here to request a follow up.