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Birmingham Electrical Supply

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  • Inline Birmingham
    2600 2nd Avenue S.
    Birmingham, AL 35233

    Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 7267
    Huntsville, AL 35807

    Phone: (205) 322-2600 
    Fax: (205) 949-0786

    Electrical Supply Hours:
    Monday-Friday: 6:30am-5pm

    Location Type:
    Sales Office 
    Counter Sales
    Central Warehouse 
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Birmingham Inline store

Inline Birmingham

Inline Birmingham was the 4th Inline location, but the first expansion to start from the ground up. Inline entered the competative Birmingham market, and made a home there. The Birmingham electrical store is now known for its great selection, of electrical supplies and commercial lighting products. Inline Birmingham has invested heavily in becoming our customers #1 source for LED products. Inline stands apart as the only commercial lighting supplier in the state to employ lighting certified professionals on our sales staff. That guarantees that Inline only stocks and purchases the commercial lighting fixtures that are right for our customers, and their needs. From commerical pendant lighting to high bays fixtures and track lighting, Inline stocks the products our commercial and industrial customers are looking for. Inline Birmingham has one of the largest inventories of commercial lighting, energy management, and day-to-day electrical supplies in town.

Among Inline Birmingham's salesforce, we employ experts in LED lighting technology, focusing on commercial lighting, and experts in Siemens power distribution equipment. The Birmingham branch participates in Siemens' unassembled panelboard program. Birmingham stocks panelboards up to 1200 amps and switchboards up to 2000 amps, to provide for the emergency power needs of our customers.
The Birmingham branch also acts as a central distributing warehouse for many of Inline other 12 braches. 

The Birmingham Inline branch is also a leader in commercial LED lighting. Inline employs lighting certified professionals who can figure out the perfect lighting layout for your business, so you but just the number and style of LED lighting fixtures you need for the health and well being of your employees, while still saving significantly on energy costs.

Commerical lighting often accounts for 25% or more of a facilities' total energy use. LED lighting has been improving, and many businesses who have invested in LED commercial lighitng have seen those costs reduced by upwards of 60%. By swapping old lamps and ballasts with new LEDs, commercial buildings see efficiency and lighting quality improve. Many of the products Inline sells install into the existing fixture housings, making installation affordable and quick. WE also sell replacement and new installation fixtures. The biggest cost savings from an LED commercial lighting upgrade is the savings on reduced maintenance cost. LED light bulbs and LED lighting fixtures can last up to 25 times longer than incandescent fixtures.

Great selection and accessible experts that help you get the job done is what makes Inline Birmingham a leading commercial lighting supplier in Alabama.