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What does it cost to light your home or business?

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LED technology has caused a revolution in the lighting industry over the past 10 years as the role of nearly every lighting source has been co-opted and improved upon by LED. One of the most celebrated aspects of the LED lighting revolution, is the energy savings that come from switching to LED. Energy savings can vary widely, depending on how often a light is used, how bright that light needs to be, and what the cost of energy is where you live. However, regardless of all those factors, where the price of LED lights are today, they will save you money. Even if the lamp is more expensive, it will save you money over the life of the bulb. Every year, you will be able to see the difference on your utility bill, as 20-30% of your electric bill has traditionally been due to lighting. With LED that number could drop to just 5-10% of your bill.

As this chart shows LED light bulbs yield considerable savings every year. For every dollar spent on lighting your home or business, LED has the potential to save you 75-80 cents. When taking into account that most American homes have close to 50 light bulbs, that can be a savings of hundreds of dollars every year, and even more for businesses! This doesn't even take into account the lifespan of the bulb. A longer lifespan means less changing bulbs, and less maintenance cost at your business.