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 Inline has built its business off of servicing commercial contractors. We know the business well, and what our customers need. Our salespeople are always on the lookout for the tools and equipment that can help our customers do their job more safely and efficiently. We work with commercial contractors across Alabama, and multiple locations we can help your company no matter where you're working. Our salespeople also have experience working with customers across the country and around the world. Let us help on your next project.


Shutting down production is a nightmare scenario for manufacturers. They need their equipment to stay up and running, with the slimmest downtime for repairs. That's why Inline Electric stocks more high voltage power equipment than almost anyone in the southeast. Inline partners with our vendors, Siemens and Eaton to stock up to 1200 amp panelboards and up to 2000 amp switchboards so that we can get the equipment to you fast, and you can get back to work!

We also partner with some of the highest quality industrial lighting manufacturers, and will work closely with you to meet your industry's specific needs. And thanks to drastic advances in LED lighting, we can likely save you a bundle on electrical costs in the process. The full range of product offering includes distribution and control equipment, lamps and lighting, ballasts, circuit breakers, fittings, conduits, wire and cable, and industrial supplies. 

We have experts on our sales team who worked for years in manufacturing, and can help meet your needs and make sure you are meeting state and national regulations in the process. Our team is trained and experienced in such markets as pulp and paper, refining and petrochemical, goods and beverages, electronics, industrial and commercial construction and power generation.  Inline is committed to getting our customers back to work as quickly and safely as possible. Let us provide you with the information you need to see all that Inline has to offer. 


Inline Electric has great relationships with dozens of residential contractors throughout the state.  Our staff  has the expertise to help you do your job more efficiently and economically. We have the latest in energy efficient lighting products and controls and serve the complete range of residential construction, from single family homes and large custom homes, to complete housing projects and mult-family housing projects.  We provide you with the entire range of capabilities and solutions that you need, in order to be the best. Our lighting showrooms carry the latest styles of lighting, as well as furnishings to carry the job to completion. Our full product line is available on our website