lighting controls specialist

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As a Lighting Control Specialist at Inline Electric I provide the ability to layout and program lighting control systems. This enables Inline to add another level of customer service that our competition can not provide. By having someone local we can many times be out at a jobsite to help with a problem the same day or within the week. To have a factory specialist come out and program or trouble shoot takes much longer due to scheduling and you only have a set amount of time, this can also be expensive.

Many people today like the idea of lighting controls and see the benefits but become intimidated by the numerous choices and by not understanding how the whole system works. I am able to answer any questions that a customer has and help them pick a system that will meet the needs that they have so that the system can be tailor made to each specific customer. I will also go out with the customer and help program the system to be sure that the system is set up and working to their specifications.

At Inline we do both Residential and Commercial lighting controls. Whether you are a homeowner or builder and you are looking to have the smart home of the future, or you are a business owner trying to decrease your power consumption and lower your utility bill we will have a solution for any of your goals. Our residential control solutions are provided by Leviton, Legrand, and Lutron and our commercial controls are provided by Wattstopper, Lutron, Acuity, and Eaton. We can help determine the exact system that will work for what you are wanting to accomplish.