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The Inline Electric Supply Mobile App makes it easier than ever to get your material!

You can:
  • Find Products
  • Check Pricing & Availability
  • Review Your Account Information
  • Create Product Groups
  • Order from Frequently bought items
  • Request Quotes
  • Send Photos from the Job Site
  • Scan UPC Codes

Our mobile app allows you to search for, browse, and order product wherever your job takes you.

To download the Inline Electric Supply Mobile App, you can open this web page on your mobile device and follow the link for your device below:

For Apple iOS devices:
App Store

For Android devices:
Google Play Store

OR, you can search the App Store or Google Play Store for "inline electric".

Once downloaded and installed, click the Sign Up button to request your Username and Password.

For questions or help, email us at

Thank you for being an Inline Electric Supply customer!!