unassembled panelboard program

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  • Features and Benefits

    - Product Consistency



    - Ease of Installation

    - Invertible

    Products Inline Stocks

    - Siemens Panelboards:
         - 200a, 250a, 400a, 600a, 800a, 1200a
         - 18, 30, 42 circuits
         - Nema 1, Nema3R
         - 1 Phase, 3 Phase
         - 208/120v, 480/277v

    - Eaton Panelboards: 
         - 100a, 225a, 400a, 600a
         - 18, 30, 42 circuits
         - Nema 1, Nema3R
         - 1 Phase, 3 Phase
         - 208/120v, 480/277v

    - Siemens Switchboards 400a-2000a 

 No one can predict a fire or explosion that will destroy your facilities' power distribution equipment, but in today's 24/7 world, businesses are expected to run around the clock. If your business doesn't have power, you are losing time and money. But ordering the large commercial and industrial panels and breakers needed to run your facility can take weeks to arrive.

   Inline Electric has you covered, as one of the only electrical distributors in the Southeast to take part in Siemens' Unassembled Panelboard Program, Inline keeps in stock panelboards up to 1200 amps, and switchboards up to 2000 amps. These P1 through P4 panelboards and switchboards, are usually only available from the manufacturer, but Inline can put the panels together for you, and deliver them to your business.

   Inline also partners with Eaton- Cutler Hammer as part of their Pow-R-Stock Program. Inline stocks Eaton unassembled panelboards, so that we have the power equipment you need, when you need it. Eaton offers a wide range of options to set up their distribution equipment, and Inline can build the panelboards on site, and deliver them to your job site on demand. No need to wait 4-6 weeks while your business shuts down. Inline Electric has the panelboards you need in stock, ready to be built, and delivered to your business. 

What our Customers are saying:

   Whether you are starting a new project, replacing parts, or adding on to an existing project, the Unassembled Panelboard offering is an exact match to the Siemens factory built panelboards. This guarantees your job sites will have the same look, quality, and parts. There are some key benefits in using the Unassembled Panelboards provided by Inline Electric Supply on your next project. You will receive:

Product Consistency: The unassembled panelboard offering is an exact match to the Siemens factory built panelboards. Perfect for new or existing projects, or finding replacement components.

Convertibility: Field convertible main breaker and main lug kits, (through 400 amps), will allow you to switch from main lug to main breaker, and vice versa with no change in box size or additional cabling.

Flexibility: Field addable sub-fed breakers (up to 250 amps) or feed through lug kits can be field installed without utilizing any of your feeder breaker positions or increasing your box height.

Ease of Installation: Lay-in construction and or removable lugs make wiring the main and neutral lugs easier and faster.

Invertible: Unique design allows panel to be be inverted in the field and keep its labeling legible.
Same Day Availability: Over the counter availability means you’re on and off the job without the delays that come with waiting for factory assembled panelboards.

      Inline has the power distribution equipment you need to get back up and running. Inline stocks Siemens 200 amp panelboards, 200 amp panelboards, 250 amp panelboards, 400 amp panelboards, 600 amp panelboards, 800 amp panelboards, and 1200 amp panelboards through the Unassembled Panelboard Program. They are available in 18 circuit, 30 circuit, or 42 circuit options, and are NEMA 1 Indoor or NEMA3R outdoor rated, according to the customer need.  We also have single phase and 3 phase breakers available, and can run 208/120v or 480/277v. Panelboards and Switchboards can be ordered and built right here at Inline with Siemens factory built parts. The Siemens Compas Mobile app even lets our customers see exactly what breakers they need, before the panel is put together, so there are no mistakes. And best of all, the panelboard or switchboard will be ready in days rather than the weeks, that the factory takes to produce and deliver it.
     Inline's Eaton offering is similar, in that we offer Eaton 100 amp panelboards, 225 amp panelboards, 400 amp panelboards, and Eaton 600 amp panelboard. They are also available in 18 circuit, 30 circuit, or 42 circuit options, and are NEMA 1 Indoor or NEMA3R outdoor rated. You can get single phase and 3 phase breakers, and we offer up to 240v in single phase and up to 480v in 3 phase.