Pay your invoice online

Pay your invoices online any time of day or night!

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Inline Electric now lets you pay your bill online. I’m going to quickly walk you through the steps. First, you need to go to the website, Click on the sign in tab, which is the last tab on the top right. It will ask for your user ID and password. Even if you already have an Inline account, you need to set up a web account for us to link to. If you havn’t set up a web account yet, click this link to learn how to set up a web account.

If you have your username and password already, just click “sign in,” and it will take you to the “my account” page. Please note that your password is case sensitive, if you have any trouble logging in.

                To view open invoices, and pay your account, look under the middle column called, “account review,” and the very bottom of that column says “pay online.” Click on that. Select which account you want to pay for, then click “go.”

All open invoices can be seen here, and you can choose to pay one, or multiple invoices by clicking on the check box, next to the invoice number you would like to pay.

                If you’re not sure which invoice is which, you can click on each invoice, and it opens up a printer friendly version of that invoice. If you would like to pay all your invoices, there is a drop down menu, that lets you choose between “all”, “current”, and “past due” invoices.

After you have selected which invoices you would like to pay, click “make payment.” This will take you to a screen where you can input your credit card information to make your payment. At this time, credit card is our only means of accepting payment online.

                After you enter your credit card information click, “place order” and you will soon receive an email confirming your payment. Please note that the payment will not show in our system until it has been manually approved by our purchasing department. They work Monday through Friday from 8-5pm.