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  • Inline Sheffield 
    714 East Second Street
    Sheffield, AL 35660

    Phone: (256) 381-7240
    Toll Free: (866) 916-2926
    Fax: (256) 386-7143

    Electrical Supply Hours:
    Monday-Friday: 6:30am-4:30pm

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Inline Sheffield

Inline Sheffield was started by Joe Mason and Ray and Tony Colston in April of 1978. They named the business Mayco, originating from the Mason/ Colston connection. Their goal was to supply electritians and contractors in the Sheffield and Florence areas with their day-to-day electrical supplies and lighting. Mason decided to sell his part of the business a year into its founding, and the Colstons became the sole owners. In 2016 the Colstons sold Mayco Electric to Inline Electric Supply and became Inline's 12th branch. Tony and David Colston continue to work at the branch, and have built off their former success to make Inline Sheffield thrive.

The Sheffield electrical store has a great selection, of electrical supplies and commercial lighting products. The store specializes in industrial accounts, and stocks the supplies that our industrial customers need in a bind. This is especially apparent through Inline Sheffield's participation in the Eaton Pow-R-Stock program, through which the electrical store stocks and puts together custom panelboards for customers. This significantly cuts down on the wait customers experience when ordering panelboards or switchboards. That saves your business from downtimes, that can often cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost production.

Inline has invested heavily in LED technology, and we want to be your source for LED commercial lighting, and LED industrial lighting. Inline is the only commercial lighting distributor in Alabama to employ lighting certified professionals on our sales staff. That guarantees that Inline only stocks and purchases the commercial and industrial lighting fixtures that are right for our customers, and their needs. From industrial  pendant lighting, to high bays fixtures, wallpacks, and track lighting, Inline stocks the LED fixtures our commercial and industrial customers are looking for. Inline Sheffield has the stock our customers are looking for. 

Commerical and Industrial lighting often accounts for 25% or more of a facilities' total energy use.  Many industries have invested in LED industrial lighting and have seen those energy costs reduced by upwards of 60%. By swapping old lamps and ballasts with new LEDs, industrial facilities see efficiency and lighting quality improve. Inline sells LED fixtures and lamps for existing housings, as well as new installation fixtures. The biggest cost savings businesses see from an LED industrial lighting upgrade is on reduced maintenance cost. LED light bulbs and LED lighting fixtures can last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent fixtures, before needing to be replaced.

With a fantastic selection in Colbert County, Inline Sheffield has all that you need to get the job done.