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            As profit margins are squeezed, our industry continues to look for creative ways to save time and money.  Inline has partnered with Southwire for help. I know what you are thinking “What is new in wire and cable? How can that save me time and money?” But Southwire is a very creative industry, and with their help, we actually have a lot to offer.  Southwire calls their package of products “Simpull Solutions”. They combine their cable with specialized tools to help achieve material and labor savings. Let’s walk through a few of their product solutions.

Cable Pull Calculator
           Simpull Cable Pull Calculator is one of these tools. This calculator can be downloaded from Southwire’s website.  With very minimal knowledge the calculator can help determine the continuous tension on the cable as it is pulled, and the amount of sidewall pressure exerted on the cable. These are important calculations, that can prevent a cable from being stripped, while moving through the conduit. This calculator not helps the contractor to determine if their cable puller is large enough. It also shows how changing the radius of the bends in the conduit run changes the pressure, and might even allow for smaller, less expensive, conduit.

Neal Whitt
Wire & Cable Specialist

The Cable Pull Calculator helps avoid costly, damaging mistakes, and can even show you how to save money.
Configurator Plus Web App

Another solution is the Southwire Configurator Plus App for your computer or iPad. Inline can use this App to help with paralleled and stacked reels. Simply by knowing from where the pull is leaving to where it is going we can use this App to help eliminate the numbers of reels needed which helps with the additional costs associated with reel setups. So you get the wire you need, at the lowest cost possible. 

Simpull Solutions & Inline

Simpull Solutions can be a very effective tool to help control costs and bring you more margins to the bottom line. Consider Southwire and Inline for any of your future cable needs. We would be happy to come for a visit and present some of the other options we have to offer. In the coming weeks we will tell you about Inline's new in-house wire paralleling and cutting! Stay tuned for more exciting things to come, because Simpull Solutions and a commitment from Inline will help meet your needs.