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  • Inline Tuscaloosa
    2100 25th Ave
    Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

    Phone: (205) 752-5252 

    Electrical Supply Hours:
    Monday-Friday: 7:00am- 5:00pm

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    Sales Office 
    Counter Sales
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Inline tuscaloosa

Inline Tuscaloosa started in the back of the old Union Furniture warehouse in March of 2018. When the furniture store closed its doors in July of that year, Inline began construction to expand the branch to have a large warehouse and counter area, with a large parking area for easy access for customers. Inline Tuscaloosa is the companies 14th branch and is headed by long time electrical sales manager, Glenn Ford.

Inline Tuscaloosa caters not only to the residential and commercial construction companies that dot Tuscaloosa, but also the surrounding Industrial parks, and agricultural areas. While Inline as a whole, is well known for our abundant supply of commercial LED fixtures, Inline Tuscaloosa also stocks Eaton and Siemens energy management products, and participates in the unassembled panelboard program, which keeps stock of high amperage panelboards and switchboards. This allows for expedited delivery to customers in emergency situations, and a high availability of replacement parts.

Many companies have not yet changed over their lighting fixtures to LED alternatives, but the choice is clear.  Lighting often accounts at least 25% of a facilities' total energy use. LED lighting has been shown to sometimes reduce those costs by upwards of 60%. This saves money on electrical bills, and more importantly saves on labor, as lights that formerly had to be changed annually, can last for decades!

Inline's Tuscaloosa branch is still in the works, but fully operational, and working with dozens of contractors, electricians and engineers in Tuscaloosa County, and the surrounding area. Soon this store will have one of the largest electrical supply warehouses in the state, with an ample supply of commercial lighting, industrial lighting, energy management equipment, tools, safety equipment, and electrical supplies as well as residential necessities for day-to-day electrical work.